World Mine Tailings Failures Is no longer able to continue this work without funding and volunteer compilers. If you are doing research to advance understanding of cause of failure, happy to help with access to our data base, charts, graphs, tables and analysis and work . If you can volunteer to be a compiler with full responsibility for creating failures narratives in  governance, engineering, environmental consequence or community of origin consequence that would certainly help us continue. We also need volunteers for administrative and data entry, data & text editing work.

We will shortly be posting our annual funding needs and a donate button.  It will take approximately $200,000 annually  to continue this work which has been done so far with 50-60 hours a week of unpaid work by the founder and Executive Director.  Donations can be made by wire transfer to our World Mine Tailings Failures bank account ( contact us for details) or by check payable to World Mine Tailings Failures c/o John Steed, Treasurer, Ellen Best Attorney at Law, p.o.Box 368 Blue Hill Maine 04614.  e are a federally chartered Charitable Corporation.

Unless we can also do the work of our charter which is to provide the analysis and vetting  of data elements we will not continue to make just the databse available.  It is only a data set for the work we do.  There is no value in a list of failures and we will not maintain or provide a mere  list of failures or allow our data base to be used only to support prescriptive non viable advocacy or to focus only on proof of increasing severity and frequency. If we cannot continue the work ourselves, we will take what legal measures are necessary to insure that the name “World Mine Tailings Failures” and the data base may never be used except in the context of the work and the charter that guides that work.

The work of WMTF is more than a list of failures, more than work product.  It is commitment to an  open ongoing  process of collaboration  information exchange and  exploration among global  stakeholders on a clear and authoritative mapping of fundamental causes of failure amenable to workable intervention and loss prevention strategies which also insures a continued adequate supply  of minerals at globally accessible prices for both developed and developing nations and all their peoples including indigenous populations.

The work has a very simple and clear implication.  Sub Economic mines are the core root cause of failure and adverse consequence.  Sub Economic mines cannot attain the standards necessary to insure failure prevention and moreover are not needed to assure an adequate world mineral supply for the foreseeable future.  We cannot justify or accept the price support and risk levels of pushing to lower grades where the technology to deliver safety first is not now available.  We have to stop production at all sub-economic mines immediately and de risk their tailings portfolios in time to prevent failure.  We believe that the problems of higher frequency of failure per unit of mineral produced  and the greater severity of these failures requires a public private partnership  of planning and finance among local governments who issued the permits for these mines, the investors and bankers who funded them and the miners who have had custody of them over the life of the mine. 

If we do not raise the funds needed to continue our work by December 1,2020 we will reformat the website and provide a permanent  open access archive as a model for a future global failures data base.  But even that work requires more than we have in our checking account

Contact Lindsay Newland Bowker, Executive Director
+1 207 367 5145